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Rubber Stamp Chat

Have you seen this new rubber stamp forum?   Click Rubberstampchat to check it out.  It’s a new stamp forum and showcases a nice variety of wonderful stamp companies (Flourishes included!).  Many have been around for quite some time  – and I have stamps from many of them!!  I’m really impressed by the different stamp companies that are represented here – there is something for everyone.  Please check out the site and you may find something just for you!


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My stamp room

I’ve been working on cleaning up my stamp area and now that it is somewhat clean, I thought I would post the photos and show you where I work.  Full disclosure:  my stamp area never looks this clean and tidy!!

The room measures about 12 x 10 and serves several purposes at our house.  First, it is my stamp/craft room, but also is our home office where the main computer, printer, scanner and fax are located.  All of our personal papers and files are kept here. 

 Finally, it is our storage area for those items like holiday decorations and other things where we have no other space.   There are good things and not so good things about the room.  First – the good things!!

 It is a ROOM!!  My previous stamp area consisted of my kitchen table.  When I wanted to stamp I had to get my supplies from the closet, bring them to the table and either finish the project, or leave it on the table (not very practical).  The fact that I have a room set aside for crafting is wonderful.

Next, it is the only room on the second floor, so I can keep unfinished projects out and not have to worry about how neat things look when people come over.  Being on the second floor also means it is away from the other rooms and is a little quieter.

 Now for the not so good.

 While the room is large, it is basically the attic space over the garage built into a room.  The walls go straight up to four feet then angle in with the roof line.  This means no real wall space – which is a big thing if you do any type of craft!! 

Because it is over the garage it is very uncomfortable in the summer. We have two A/C vents and two fans, but that is not enough.  We had to buy another internal A/C unit that is very noisy, but cools the room a bit.  Even in the winter the room never gets cold. 

It has a very small closet which I tend to cram  with anything that will fit!

Even with these drawbacks, it is a great place to work and I feel very fortunate to have the room.  Now for the photos!

stamproom001.jpg This is my primary workspace.  I have most of the inks and markers on the shelf with prisma pencils on the table.  Also on the shelf in plastic boxes are my Flourishes stamps – I use them so much I need them close by.  The rolling cart next to the chair contains tools I use most often – scissors, adhesives, etc.  The light brown cart with narrow drawers and white binders on top contain the bulk of my stamps.  Most of my holiday stamps I keep in the closet, since I only use them once a year.  The binders most of my unmounted stamps.

Next is my computer desk.  On the left just next to the white binders, you may be able to stamproom004.jpgmake out some narrow rattan type baskets.  These contain the remainder of my unmounted stamps.  To the right of the desk is a two drawer lateral file cabinet containing our household files.  On top are the printer, copier and scanner.








This area is the one most prone to “messiness”.  This is a second work surface that contains the fax machine, Cuttlebug, papercutter, scorer and embossing tools and stamproom005.jpgsupplies. It also holds other tools used less often. Below the table is computer and office supplies. The shelf above contains 2 xyron machines, pencil sharpener and embossing powders.  The plastic rolling carts on the right contain most of my other supplies – more adhesive, inks, cutting tools, etc.

 Lastly is the paper zone.  I keep 8 1/2 x 11 paper in literature cases (bought at an office stamproom006.jpgsupply store) and sorted by general color category (yellow, red, etc).  My 12 x 12 is kept both on top of this (primarily full/unopened pads) as well as on top of the small white bookcase on the right.  The bookcase holds only about a third of magazine and book.  The rest are kept in the closet. 

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On Vacation

Orvil and I are taking some time to travel through Florida.  We moved here gator.jpgin 2004 but have not been further south than Orlando.  We live just outside of Pensacola, which is in the most north western part of the state.  We headed south and tonight we are in Naples, having just spent the day touring the Florida Everglades.  This photo shows just one of the many animals seen so far.  We were on an airboat through the glades when we saw this gator!   We saw several during our hour long ride, which was just great!  We are heading to the east side of the everglades to do more touring, then on to the keys.

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Flourished Elements

flourished-elements-250.jpgFlourishes has just released their latest stamp set – Flourished Elements!    This set is beautiful and one that I will use very often!   I love flourish type stamps anyway and this set has many wonderfull possibilites.   Check out the stamp and other Flourishes stamp at the Flourishes boutique.

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Call For Designers

Flourishes is looking for some new designers for the time period of December 2007 – May 2008.   Do you want Flourishes stamps?   Can you create 4 – 6 items per month using them?  Will you showcase them on your blog/gallery and other sites?  Do you want to be part of a great design team?  If you do…..

Please visit the Flourishes Newsletter for more information: 

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SC148 and Sneak Peek!

sc148-dream-and-basic-grey.jpgToday’s post covers two topics – this weeks sketch challenge at Splitcoast and a sneek peak at the soon to be released set from Flourishes – Flourished Elements.

I started with a darker blue card then added some paper from the Basic Grey – Periphery line.  The Periphery series from Basic Grey is so pretty – it has a nice romantic look with shades of soft blue, greens and brownish-grey.  Take a look at the flourished oval stamp – it is one of ten stamps in the new Flourished Elements collection that will be released soon.  The word “DREAM” is from Flourishes Fantasy Floral Garden set and fits perfectly in the oval.  I stamped both with Ancient Page’s Indigo because the color was just the right shade of blue.

Flourishes has this new Basic Grey paper in stock and we expect to release Flourished Elements within the week. 

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Rubber Stamp Chat – a new online rubber stamp community!