Thankful For You

Hello crafters – it’s November and the holiday season is in full swing. Halloween is done and we are now into the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush. Today I am showing you an envelope I made with the Scor-pal and the Scor-Envi tool. And inside the envelope is a gift card holder.

I started by using the Scor-Envi tool to determine the size of the paper I needed and where to make the score lines. For this 5 x 5 envelope I used an 8.75″ square piece of patterned paper and scored at the 3.25 and 8.75 lines, then turning the paper once I made the same scores.

Once the scoring was complete, you cut out the little triangles where the score lines meet and then you can make the envelope.

For the inside gift card holder, I used a piece of patterned paper measuring 4.25 x 3. On the long side I scored at .25 on each end and on the short side I scored at 1″.

Then I made cuts as shown below.

From here I used scor-tape to attach the bottom flap.

I added this to the inside envelope along with a piece of patterned paper in which you can write a note.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you will check out the Scor-Pal Blog and see what the other designers have made this month!

Halloween Treat box

Happy October crafters!! Is it Fall yet? Last week here in Florida we had temperatures in the 90’s, so an “iced” pumpkin spiced latte was more in line!

I have today a cute halloween treat box made with my Scor-Pal and Scor-tape.

It uses transparency film – sometimes known as window film, some halloween paper, stamps, ribbon and dies.

I started by taking a piece of clear film measuring 4 x 10 and scoring it on the long side at 2 3/8, 4 3/4, 7 1/4 and 9 5/8.

Fold and burnish on the score lines – this film was very thick and I really had to burnish well to get the folds. Then place score-tape on the smallest strip and make the box. It’s hard to see in the photo below!

To make the top and bottom take a piece of 4″ x 4″ patterned paper (this paper I purchased at Hobby Lobby years ago and I only use it at halloween so I expect it to last me for years!) and score at .75″ all around. Make two of these – one for the top and one for the bottom.

Cut the ends as shown below and add score-tape.

Attach the bottom to the box with score-tape, fill with treats, then add the top and some ribbon.

The stamp is from an old set from Power Poppy.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Burgundy and Gold ribbon ornament

Hello crafters – I hope you are all enjoying your fall. I have for you another no sew ornament.

This no sew ornament was made not with fabrics, but with ribbons!

I purchased the ribbons at JoAnns after Christmas last year – they have a wonderful 70% off sale on ribbons after the holidays and you can really score some some great deals.

The burgundy ribbon has a gorgeous snowflake pattern in it using gold metallic thread. I paired it with shimmery gold ribbon and this is just lovely in person! Both ribbons were 1.5″ wide, so all had to do was to cut them in 3″ strips and I was good to go.

Thanks for stopping by today!

More no sew ornaments!

Hello crafters! I am back to show you a couple of ornaments I made over the weekend.

The red one is in the blossom pattern and the blue/white one is in the poinsettia pattern. Both patterns are similar – the poinsettia has an added layer in the petals. Both patterns are available on the Ornament Girls website.

Thank you for checking these out – I hope all is well with you!

Fluted Star Ornament – Version 2

Hello crafters – once again I have a Christmas ornament to share with you.

It is the same Fluted Star pattern in my last post, with just a little bit more detail.

I used the same fabrics, just made blue the main color and I added the white inserts to make the star pattern pop. The folds on the side are a little different as well and I think I like this particular version best – even though it takes a little longer to make.

The center embellishment is a pearl pin inserted into the center of a silver flower. The flower is an old Stampin Up embellishment that I have had for at least 15 years!

The little snowflake charm was purchased on Amazon – I bought a bag of 50 holiday charms for about $7 and there is a nice variety in the bag.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Fluted Star Ornament

Hello crafters! I have a little bit of Christmas for you today – a no sew ornament..

This pattern is called a Fluted Star. It is a no sew ornament – just made with a foam ball, fabric, lots of pins! It is the first time I used this pattern and I am in love with it. It was a bit more difficult than the regular no sew ornaments you usually see, but it was worth the effort.

All the fabric was purchased at Joanns in January as part of their after Christmas sale. The white fabric has a subtle snowflake pattern. The blue patterned fabric has a snowflake pattern along with a little bit a glitter throughout.

I used two types of ribbon on top – a plain white satin and a silver glitter ribbon to make it even more festive.

If you are interested in this pattern, it can be found on the Ornament Girl website.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tag Treat Box

Happy September everyone!! I have a cute treat box to share with you today…

I made this using my Scor-Pal, Scor-Tape, tag dies and some cute paper from a camping themed scrapbook pad.

First I cut out 4 tags using patterned paper. I cut out some embellishments from this particular camping themed paper to put on the front.

To make the box the right size I needed to measure the tag – which ended up being 2.75″ wide. From there I was able to calculate the dimensions needed.

I started with a piece of cardstock measuring 5 5/8″ square. I scored at 1.5″ on each side.

I burnished and cut the ends as shown below.

Then I added tape to the tabs and assembled the box.

Once the box was made I added the tags to each side and used some twine to tie the tops together.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Patriotic no sew ornament

Hello crafters! Today I am sharing something non stamping related. We had family visiting a week ago and one of the days was a crafting day. I asked if anyone was interested in doing a no sew ornament and they said yes! They had seen these but had never done one. Well, we ended up doing a red and white basic star pattern with some christmas fabric it was a hit.

I decided to do another one, this time with a patriotic flair. If you’ve done these before you know how easy it can be – and this one is a little easier because you are working in rows and don’t have to worry about matching up the opposite sides.

Here are some of the specifics..

I started with a 3″ foam ball (actually the size on the package is 2.8″), which were on sale for 50% off at Joanns.

For the fabric, I used all 2.5″ squares in the following colors – 12 white, 16 red and at least 16 blue. For the blue section, once you get on the top of the ball, you may need more or less, depending on how much of the top is covered. All the fabric was on sale at Joanns and if you want to do these types of ornaments check out the sales after any holiday. I purchased some christmas fabric in January on sale and got a great deal. For this ornament I bought 1 yard of each color which will give me enough fabric for many ornaments – you could easily go with 1/2 yard and still have plenty of fabric left.

Other supplies – lots of pins – figure around 240 – 250. Ribbon for the top, and two pearl pins – one for the top and one for the bottom.

You start at the bottom with a basic star pattern using 4 white squares.

The first row of red is placed .75″ from the center of the white star.

From then on, each row is placed 5/8″ from the point of the previous row. Once you get to the top, you may need to hid some of your folds under the ribbon.

If you have never done one of these then check out you tube for “no sew ornaments” in the basic star pattern. There are lots of tutorials out there!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Summertime mini treat bag

Well, it’s been a busy summer and I have not posted in over a month. Seems as though summertime just flies by – gardening, visits from family, and traveling. We are into August now and school is just around the corner, but it is still summer hot here in Florida.

I made this quick and easy mini treat bag with my Scor-pal, some embossed paper and summertime dies.

I started with a piece of embossed cardstock measuring 5 x 10.5. This cardstock came from a 12 x 12 pad of paper from Michaels which actually had 6 colors of cardstock with different embossed patterns. It was color on one side and white on the back, so I just used the white side for this project.

On the short side score at .75 on each end. On the long side score at 4.75 and 5.75.

Burnish and fold on the scor lines and cut the tabs shown below. I used Scor-tape to hold it together.

On the front I used a few summertime dies and cut them with patterned paper. The sentiment is from an old stamp set. The yellow ribbon holds the treat bag closed.

I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying your favorite activities. I hope to get a jump on my holiday cards soon!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Gift Card Envelope

Happy June! I have little something to share with you today. I made a gift card envelope using the Scor-Pal envelope template – the Scor-envi.

Using my Scor-Pal and the Scor-Envi, I chose to make a square envelope for a 4 x 4 card. Using the instructions on the Scor-Envi I started with a piece of khaki cardstock measuring 6.75″ square. I placed the Scor-Envi in the upper right hand corner of the Scor-Pal and placed my cardstock to line up with it and scored at 3.25 and 8.25. I turned the paper once and made the same measurements.

Once the scores were made, I cut out the small triangle sections where the score lines intersect.

I placed some patterned paper in the inside center of the envelope.

To make the piece that holds the actual gift card, I just cut a piece of cardstock wide enough to fit the and punched a notch in the center.

I used score tape to attach this to the inside of the envelope.

The front of the envelope uses some patterned paper and several die cuts. A raffia ribbon holds everything together.

Thanks for stopping by today!